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Andy's Roofing & Construction llc works on every type of commercial project – from large to small. We also have significant experience with projects that include complex and intricate challenges that involve safety, complexity, weather, accessibility, security and the protection of extremely sensitive and costly building contents.

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Andy's Roofing & Construction llc

Protect your largest investment with the reliable roofing services of Andy's Roofing & Construction llc. We are a locally owned and operated roofing company currently serving the area of Smithshire, IL and surrounding communities. If you want to make your roof last as long as possible, it is vital that you never put off a roof repair. Small issues with roofing become big issues in a hurry.

Why choose my company?

Your roof does a lot of work; it keeps your home and your family protected from the elements, and it helps your home look its best. Your roof is too important to trust to anyone but the experts, and we have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure a job well done. Our local services include roof repairs, roof coating, and commercial roofing.

Our Philosophy

Protect your investment with quality materials. When it comes to deciding whether to repair or re-roof in Pocatello , the decision is often best left to the professionals. We are committed to replacing your roof with materials that will help properly insulate and weatherproof so you don’t suffer a loss in your investment or high utility bills.

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Roof Repairs

Andy's Roofing & Construction llc is a pioneer in the roofing service industry. Our company started as a service business in the Smithshire area, and we pride ourselves on our trained, dedicated roof repair technicians who make us the top commercial roofing service department in Pocatello.

Roof Maintenance

At Andy's Roofing & Construction llc, we strive to find potential roof defects before they become a problem. Our roofing experts can inspect, analyze, diagnose and provide professional reports detailing the conditions of your roofing system, in order to detect and correct any current defects and/or potential problems.

Roof Restoration

Because of Andy's Roofing & Construction llc restoration experience, skilled employees and ongoing training, we have the confidence in our roof restoration services to stand by our restoration work and warranty it for up to 5 years.

Roof Replacement

Roofs don’t last forever, and while our roof restoration services can extend the life of your roof, eventually the time will come when a new roofing system will be necessary.

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